More Mini Meet West '98 Pictures

These are the good folks of the Vancouver Mini Club who waited patiently in front of the entrance to Concours de Mini in Pemberton. Even though they tried to wave me down, I missed the entrance on my first pass! Jeff Smith is sitting on the right, and Steve and Kimberlee Malins are on the left. (Kimberlee is sitting) Thank you Steve for refreshing my memory!

This red Mini Cooper is an excellent example of a restored, all original Mini.
It was my favorite unmodified Mini at the Concours de Mini.

"Frequent Stops"?? I usually see that sign on school buses or ice cream trucks!

Ever seen a Radford Mini? There are many unique features on a Radford Mini, but the most notables are the fold-back top (like a Fiat 500) old-down rear seat and the rear that opens like a hatchback. The interior is somewhat more "luxury" than a regular Mini.

Here's a view of the resort town of Whistler from atop Blackcomb Mountain. It takes an hour of riding a series of ski lifts to get to the top of Blackcomb Mountain. As a bonus, I spotted a black bear on my way down (see top of this page). Unfortunately, I did not attend any Mini Meet West events (Funkhana, autocross, and rally) in Whistler.

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